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Official Watch Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F Online Free :                     , we've reported that a source had revealed that "Dragon Ball Z: Fukkatsu No F" will be shown in 74 countries starting in the summer.

And now, a recent update has it that the animated film will be shown in the US with an English dub in the coming summer this year, Anime News Network said. Considering that the movie was premiered in Los Angeles on April 11, the summer release date may seem to be a late one. Could this be down to distribution or demand issues? The film opened in cinemas across Japan on April 18th and shot to the top of the box office list, earning more than "Furious 7," which was showing in the country at that time. As such, Japan became known as the nation where Vin Diesel was beaten by an animated character. "'Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection 'F' film earned approximately 960 million yen (about US$8.1 million) in its first two days at the Japanese box office this weekend," Anime News Network noted. "The film sold approximately 716,000 tickets in its first weekend." "The film sold 27.4% more tickets and earned 40.3% more in its first weekend than the 2013 'Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods' film," the site added. Further, the film reportedly had the biggest opening in Japan this year and is the first one to open in 3D IMAX. "The popularity of the movie is said to be attributed to the reintroduction of familiar characters that most movie-goers grew up with," Ecumenical News observed. "Central to the plot is the resurrection of the infamous 'Dragon Ball' villain, Frieza." Will "Fukkatsu no F" gain a similar box office performance in the US? What do you think? With the delayed screenings in other parts of the world, it's natural to expect more spoilers, even full movie leaks, circulating round the Internet now. Goku's blue hair is already a known fact, thanks to the clip released showing him with the new hair color. However, there's also the leak that says Goku and Vegeta will team up against Frieza, and that Vegeta will reportedly appear to be stronger than Goku as he would manage to get the better of Frieza even when the villain is in his golden form. Then there also are those rumors about Frieza having the same weaknesses as before. In other news, a DBZ hoodie has recently surfaced and caused DBZ fans' hearts to race a bit faster as it shows the DBZ characters covering "every conceivable centimeter of the sweatshirt, resulting in a hoodie that's just as eccentric as its anime inspiration," according to Comicbook. Want it to be yours? Check it out on WATCH:'Dragon Ball Z: Revival of F' or 'Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection F' or 'Dragon Ball Z Fukkatsu No Efu' is the 15th of the Dragon Ball movies, this movie is one of the most supervised movie Akira Toriyama and the first Dragon Ball movie to be released in IMAX 3D. One pressing issue about the movie is its release date in different coutries and it seems like 'DBZ: Revival of F' will arrive in the this summer. Advertisement

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