Principles of art 

Proportion- How parts fit together to make a whole size relations. elements of art are color, line , space,and value. Principles of art would be Emphasis beacuse the 2 people stand out Unity the art work looks complete beacuse it look like a normal street. and last proportion.
Rhythem/Movement- A regular repetition of the elements of art to create a sence of rhythm and or movement. Elements of art are color, value, texture and form. principles are movement because theres different paints strokes in different directions makeing look like the dance is really moving. Also proportion because the distance seems far away. but the head and the dancer seem to be a the same level almost.
Unity- How the elements work together , fit together , so the art work looks complete. Elements of art lines the way they blend and come in together , color and texture. Principles Rhythem the way is flows, Variety- the use of different colors and how they blend and mic together.
Variety- An assortment of lines, shapes, colors and other elements of art in the art work. Elements of art are shape, value texture and color. Principles are emphasis becuase the flowers really sick out. Unity could be used because this is a pot of flowers and painting shows what that looks like. The last one i would say is Rhythem the way they are painted they look like theyve been the in wind or they had been put there by hand.
Emphasis-what grabs your attition. Elements of art are lines, value color and a little space. Principles are unity, porportion and balance.
Pattern- Repetition of the elements of art. Balance, Rhythem, Elements of art are value texture color.
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