Emily O´Neal

Color Schemes

I believe this piece of art represents the triad color scheme due to how the three primary colors are represented. Red, Yellow, and Blue. It gives an organized mood to the piece.
I believe this work of art is a demonstration of the use of cool and warm colors. Such is shown with cool blues on one side of the mural and warm reds on the other side. Both contrast to give the piece a divided mood.
This work is a great example of complementary colors. Red and Green on any basic color wheel are polar opposites. By putting both into this piece, the art gives off an aesthetically pleasing mood.
This piece represents an analogous color scheme of violets, blues, and greens. The painting has a familiar mood to it as it shows the scenery of a setting sun.
This painting shows a use of cool colors, much like the contrasting warm and cool colors in the second image. This gives off a relaxed or maybe an even depressed mood from the darker colors that are used, green, purple, and blue.
This artwork shows a use of monochromatic schemes in shades of blue. The darkest blues and even a use of blacks for shadows and lighter blues and white for highlights. The mood this painting sets is cool and fresh, due to the scale of value in the painting.
Finally, this painting represents a warm color scheme which is shown through the reds, oranges, and hints of yellows and pinks. The mood it creates is familiar much like the analogous piece, as it nearly represents a summer-like day.
Credits: All media
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