Egypt Gallery

By: Isabella Rodriguez 

Artist’s Trial Piece was made in Egypt in c. 570-525 B.C.E. This Sculpture was on limestone. The creator of this piece is unknow. Artist’s Trial Piece is currently Los Angeles County Museum of Art.
Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpere is an funerary object that was made in ca. 945-718 B.C.E. This mummy is made of linen mixed with plaster, glass, figment, and lapis lazuli. Everything on the mummy represents an item in the Egyptian culture. Cartonnage of Nespanetjerenpere is currently located at the Brooklyn museum.
Shabti of Nefer-ib-re-sa-Neith is a Egyptian faience created in 26th Dynasty 570 B.C. - 26th Dynasty 526 B.C.He holds the hoe, pick, and seed sack that are equipment with such figures, and he wears a divine braided beard. He is also shown as a wrapped mummy with the "shabti spell" written in hieroglyphs on his body. This statue is currently located at Albany Institute of History & Art.
Statuette of King Necho is a sculpture created c 610-595 in Egypt. This bronze figure is kneeling with his hands out like he is presenting an offering. There are small nicks, pits and marking on the sculpture. This piece is currently located in the Brooklyn Museum.
King Osorkon I is a sculpture that was created ca 924-889 BCE. It was found in Shibin el Qanatir, Egypt. The sculpture is bronze and gold. King Osorkon I is currently located in the Brooklyn Museum.
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