Music and Movement (James Chester)

This gallery includes representation of how music inspires movement through dance and other forms of movement. 

In this picture, there is a group of farmers apparently working in a field but taking the time out to dance. It is unknown if there is any music around causing them to break out into dance. There is a great balance of fun in which the artist is portraying in this piece.
In this piece it seems as if the young gentleman on the outside of the barn is listening in on what seems to be an audition perhaps for an upcoming event the men on the inside may be trying to put together. From the look on his face, he is enjoying the music the violinist is playing.
The emphasis of this painting shows skill. It seems that the couple here are enjoying the company of each other. One leads and the other follows. There is no way of knowing if there is any music in the room where the two are dancing but, even if there is not, and they are dancing to music within their minds or hearts, the movement they are making depicts a certain rhythm.
In this piece, the lady in the background seems to be enjoying the music which is being rendered by the bass or cello player in the foreground. What looks as if her hand being raised shows her like for the music being heard. The color of black the musician is wearing means perhaps it is a classical type of event being attended.
This painting is an excellent example of how music is a universal language and inspires individuals to move. This shows a gentleman strumming on a guitar and three ladies enjoying his tunes while one takes it upon herself to show her enjoyment by dancing ever so gracefully.
There is no known music her in this portrait either. However, the fact that the couple here is dancing let's the audience know that music is heard, whether it is physically or mentally. The two are enjoying each other as well as the music they are dancing to.
What is being depicted here is of religious nature. When looking and studying this piece, i picture David from the book of Psalms. David was delighted in the presence of the almighty king and danced until his clothes were no longer on his body. That is what is envisioned in this piece.
This too stands out as a religious piece. There is obviously music in which the child is hearing. The stance he is in let's the audience know that a dance is being done. There is an obvious smile on the face of the child so it can be concluded that he is happy from the music being heard therefore doing a happy dance.
There is a certain level of inspiration in this drawing. The dancers are all gathered around enjoying the music being rendered via the trumpet player. One would imagine a nice jazz dance tune. Based on the title of the piece, L'Allegro, happiness is in the midst of what is going on.
There is some sort of dance taking place in this drawing as well. The ladies are enjoying the company of one another and taking part in a dance from music that is either near them or within the mind or heart. Either way, they are inspired to dance showing their expression thereof.
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