Zack Stauffer: A Beautiful Death

This Gallery is a collection of artwork all focused around the inevitable: death. All of the pieces of art have a similarly dark visual style. Personally I like art the more gritty and real it is. That is why I picked these pieces of art for my gallery.

This painting depict the death of Queen Cleopatra who has been bitten by a poisons snake. It has a darker feel to it because the backdrop is pure black. I think this intensifies the painting.
Picture of the the Gettysburg battlefield, it shows several dead soldier. I picked it because I lived 40 minutes away from the battlefield.
This painting shows a women running after a man who is being attacked by dogs. Its a very dark image and all the colors blend together. I like it because of all of the motion in the painting.
This shows Hippolytos falling of a horse towards his death. I picked this because of all the motion in the picture. Compared to other paintings it's very interesting because of all the motion.
This painting shows the death of Samson with a women and some children. This one is very dark visually and content wise. I like this one because you are not sure if they are alive
This is a man on his death bed. I enjoy this painting because it has harder brush strokes that show immediacy. Also it reminds me of the impressionist style.
This shows a man with death literally on his shoulder. I like this because this symbolizes that the artists time is about to come. He could have been on his death bed when he painted this.
I really like this painting because it is showing angels bringing the Saint to the other side peacefully. Also the visual style is very appealing to me.
This painting shows Cato killing himself. I really like this one because of the action. Most of the time people are already dead in these paintings. He is captured in the moment.
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