Interesting Buildings in France

Alexis McGeahy

This image of Lyon's rooftops makes me think that Lyon must be a very old city. None of the buildings look modern.
Villandry Castle is big and beautiful. I particularly love the massive garden.
I have always loved the romanticism of Notre Dame in Paris. It is very holy site, but evokes the spirit of Paris as much as the Eiffel Tower or Louvre.
Speaking of the Eiffel Tower, I couldn't possibly have a gallery of France without the most famous monument in the world. This image is a unique angle that shows how big the tower really is.
This beautiful bridge uses arches as the support design. A lot of bridges in Europe are made like this because of the Roman influence.
I'm curious why this bridge doesn't stretch all the way across. It looks very old so maybe it just has worn away.
The focus in this image is the grape vines, but the building in the background is interesting. Farmhouses that are built today are not nearly as fancy as the manors built many years ago.
The Albi Cathedral is a gorgeous Gothic Cathedral. The elaborate decorations inside these churches are amazing.
There was a time when trains that would allow passage through the Alps were the most exciting invention in France. This train station was probably an important meeting spot.
This little church is not as exciting as Notre Dame or the cathedral at Albi, but it represents an important part of every historical city. Churches were the meeting spaces for all little communities.
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