Animal Kingdom

This gallery includes different types of art that features animals of many types in various habitats. Gallery by: Rebecca Aragon 

This piece of art is called Animals which lurk in the rain forest. It shows different animals sculpted lying with each other in harmony. I chose this artwork for my gallery because the representation.
Wild Animals of Africa, sand sculpture. This represents animals from Africa together. I chose this piece because how the animals are together, this fits my central theme of animals, nature, and peace.
This piece truly shows paradise. This painting shows animals gathering together in one beautiful place. I chose this for my gallery because the style of the painting, it has movement, perspective, and nature.
This artwork shows humans and animals surrounded by mountains. Just like the painting before it, it has movement and some perspective. Another reason I chose this piece of art is because the way it shows nature coming together.
Humans and animals working and living together. The representation of this painting shows how we as humans and animals live together.I chose this painting to show in my gallery because the movement and representation of nature.
A Fox family, this piece shows the circle of life and how nature occurs. Usually paintings show the beauty of nature, this painting shows the reality. I chose this painting because of the movement intended and the central theme of nature and animals.
This modern painting consists of different animals in a more abstract way. It is pretty random with the animal choices. I chose this piece because the perspective point of view of the painting.
This painting shows tigers hunting elephants. You can tell that is an Indian style painting, by the way the colors are used. I chose this painting because of my central theme of nature and the perspective. I also like the movement in this painting, it is unlike any others in my gallery.
Animal in the Mist has to be my favorite thus far. I love the movement and perspective of this painting. The oil paint work is flawless. I chose this to be part of my gallery because the way the oil painting makes the movement look.
Noah's Ark, I of course had to add this iconic painting because of the central theme, nature, animals, and perspective. In this painting the animals are lined up in pairs to board Noah's Ark. I chose this painting because the movement isn't as vivid as other paintings, it is subtle and clear.
Credits: All media
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