Happiness is Universal - Danielle King

This is a gallery that captures moments of joy through history. With this gallery it shows that happiness is a thing that artist have always wanted to capture. Featuring all kinds of art from street art to old sketches from the 1500s. Joy is not just depicted in expression but also in color. Included in the gallery are some works by artist like Bruegel, Rembrandt, and Hals. 

This is a print of an etching of a Dutch couple back in the 1500s. Bruegel etch the couple to appear happy with smile and a joyous look on their face. Also with them positions facing each other it makes it appear as they are smiling at each other. This is a perfect way to start the gallery to show that even happiness was depicted in history.
This is a self-portrait of Rembrandt laughing. He painted this when he was young and was studying emotions. This fits into this gallery because it is a true example of what simple joy looks like upon one face. The contrast in color helps highlight his face.
This bright and colorful piece of street art is a beautiful piece that fully represents joy. It is represented in the bright colors that lift your mood when looking at it and the smiling faces on the characters painted. When viewing this piece you can't help but smile.
Who wouldn't want to have a pet dinosaur? I bet if you had one you would be smiling like this guy. Everything about this piece of street art shows joy from the face of the guy to the colors used in the background. The yellow shows the bright and happiness that is represented on the boys face. All parts of the piece work together to make a happy and joyous artwork.
This portrait of a peasant laughing is a beautiful portrait of true joy. Joy can be anywhere and in anyone as long as you are looking for it. The lighter background helps put the focus on the man and not distracting from him which help highlight the emotion on his face.
This is piece of street art is of children sitting together and appear to be happy and having a good time. The use of black and white helps focus on the children and not a background or what is happening around them. The contrast of colors also help bring out the details of joy that the children are having.
The man in the middle is playing a rommel pot and has brung joy to the children around him that are offering him coins for his playing. Joy is found in many situations and it is clearly shown on the face in the painting that music has brought them. They way that Hals painted this brings attention to the joy the children have.
This french painting done of aquatic animals with human expressions is an interesting piece. The contrast of the bright background and the dark painting of the animals help make them stand out and be the focal point of the piece. With the human expression given to the fish it shows the joy and relatablity we have with and get from animals.
Hals was famous for painting with joyous expression more than any other painter of his time. Like in the painting he shows a Dutch family happy and loving. The joy of being together and apart of a family is shown in this portrait. With the way he painted the family it helps you move through the painting from the father to the youngest child.
Roland takes this urban piece of art and send a message of joy if you have work that fit your life and that you enjoy. It is another showing of how joy is found in many different areas of life whether it is personal or professional. The interesting concept presented here show a man happy with walking into work. The movement of the piece helps you understand what he is trying to depict.
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