The simple expression of Color.

These are ten fauvist paintings. Fauvism is a painting style focusing less on details and more of expression through color. Fauvist artists use simple color to get to the emotional point of the piece.The point is for a simplified painting, where many times the colors of the piece draw attention flatness of the paper, while every object still plays a role. By Jake Pilgrim

This piece by Paul Gauguin is a little bit more busy than other Fauvist paintings, yet he still uses simple colors to describe the people on the beach and their reflections in the water.
This piece shows a woman sitting with a anxious look on her face. The darker blues and reds complement each other nicely, but the picture gives a dark, depressed feel. There is not a lot of detail involved.
This piece by Van Gough shows a blue of a bedroom. The blues are complemented by the light colors of the bed and chair. This piece gives more of a flat look, one that is typical of fauvist paintings.
Vilhelms Purvītis painted in the Impressionist era, Although this painting still hints at fauvism by showing blossoming trees with just the color of oil paint.
Similar to Van Gough's "Bedroom", This piece gives the sense of flatness, and is painted with very saturated cool colors.
Simple, with thick colors. Lots of blues, with complementing colors on the face. A depressing painting, this piece expresses a lot of emotion almost through it's simplicity.
A simple painting, giving the feel that this is just a study. The colors are little dull. The table and floor give the piece a flat feeling, which give the piece a complex feel; not unpleasant, but not totally comfortable.
This piece is a simple picturesque room overlooking the ocean. The table, again, show the flatness of the canvas. The piece is simple, the audience can almost feel the ocean breeze coming through the window.
Fauvism was a precursor to cubism, which can be seen slightly in the trees and houses in the painting.
Simplistic, wavey, and very cool. One can feel the breeze through the trees.
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