Gone with the wind

Someone can get lost in the wing or flow of things pretty easy. Just as easy as someone can lose their own innocence. 

In this picture, I see someone looking back on their own self, maturing, and seeing how careless they are.
In this picture, I see a girl depressed, working, and unhappy. Children are suppose to be happy and care-free.
In all living things, they need food. These men need food to survive and they can not afford or get any. This is sickening and world hunger needs to be fixed.
The hare looks un-happy and depressed and probably facing the hard time it will have to go through.
The baby is being taken care of by its mother. The mother having to go through lots of tough times to get to this point. While the baby is care free and can barely know what is going around now, it will have to do the same thing.
This shows a kid being care free and happy. This is how a child's life should be.
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