The United nations

By Cameron Mullins

The League of Nations, an ineffective predecessor of the United Nations formed following World War I
The inability of the League of Nations to prevent the outbreak of World War 2, and the subsequent destruction the war caused, was the driving factor for the creation of a more effective organization
Franklin Delano Roosevelt was a huge proponent of the creation of the United Nations
Eleanor Roosevelt was hugely involved with the UN, becoming the first chairperson for the UN human rights comission
Since it's inception the UN has been instrumental in major world developments such as the creation of Israel as an independent nation state
The UN also formed a great fighting force for the Korean war, although this force was led by the United States
The UN has been devoted to peacekeeping activities all throughout areas in Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia, although its effectiveness has been criticized
Today, the United Nations boasts 193 member countries, and stays committed to its goal of maintaining international peace
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