The Greek Gods of olympus

Greek gods where the inspiration of a lot of artwork. We are seeing representations of the gods behaviors and the way they mingled with creation.

This is a bronze head of the god of the sun, the head was part of a complete statue. A section of the head is cut off in a way that was probably to let the light come thru and shine the eyes. It is speculated that it was positioned in a way inside a temple to tell the time.
This statue of Apollo is an ancient greek kouros sculpture made of marble around 500-490 BC. It was named after the person the previously owned it, Percy Smithe 6th Viscount Strangford and that it probably came from the island of Anafi. The sculpture is now on the British Museum on room 15.
This figure is part of a parthenon of three figures, the metopes, the frieze, and the pediments. The figures are all supernatural size representations either alone of in a group cut from pentelic marble. Dionysos figure is alone almost laying on a rock that his garment and panther skin cover.
On this drawing we se the demi-god Hercules holding the giant Antaeus in mid air. It was said that Antaeus powers came from his contact with the earth itself and by holding him in the air, Hercules was able to kill him. As a trophy of some sort the background has a trunk with slung with the skin of the Namean lion.
There are multiple copies of the statue, but is said that the original was made out of bronze around 430 BC. Many copies have been found but the most famous was the 10 ft high found on the ruins of a roman villa. The statue had trace of red colour in the hair, around the eyes and mouth for a more polychromatic scheme.
The Ephesian Artemis is the great mother godess was very popular in the ancient world, statues of her where found on many part of the Roman empire. Before the greeks took over the cult of this godess she was called Artemus and was receiving gifts from the Lydian king Croesus.
This statue is a Hellenistic figure of the greek god of music and prophecy, Apollo. The statue is holding a lyra on his left hand and what it looks like a pick on the right. God statues would be found in houses as small shrine consisting of precious metals like gold and silver.
The tittle of the statue is the Farnese Hermes and is a marble statue. Hermes is wearing small winged sandals and caduceus in his left hand. Some of his parts like his left hand and legs where broken but restored. The sculpture is a copy of a original Roman sculpture and was created in school of a greek sculptor in Praxiteles.
This vase is well recognized by its attributes like the two figures of greek gods, one is Dionysos and Poseidon. Dionysos, the god of wine, can be seen holding a grape vine and a kantharos witch is a ritual cup. Right in front of him is Poseidon god of the sea holding his trident.
Around 430 B.C. Pheidias a sculptor created a colossal statue of the greek god Zeus siting on a throne made out of gold and ivory. He sculpted this 40 foot tall statue for the temple of Zeus at Olympia, one of the most important temples in the greek world.
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