Contrast of Good and Evil - Cody Carlton

The goal of this gallery is to try and illustrate a sense of contrast between good and evil. This is an exceptionally hard concept as there were no set pieces of work that blatantly showed this, at least that I could find. So I chose pieces that portrayed this conflict not necessarily in images depicted put in the media presented. I feel the dark parts of the etchings are representative of evil while the lighter pieces show the good. 

1. It shows a person falling asleep but rather than dreams you see it is a metaphor that when reason sleeps monsters(bad ideas) are allowed to thrive. 2. Naturally the etching provides contrast with reason being lightly colored. While the movement moves upwards going into darker tones changing from birds to bats which represents the evil in this etching.
1. This painting depicts Christ's followers removing him from the cross. 2. The balance of this picture is shifted more asymmetrically with a vertical line going from bottom left to top right. Where the light shining down is God which represents good as always. With what I feel to be the evil surrounding Christ and Gods light.
1. What is depicted is Christ being presented to the high priest. 2. This etching is a little hard to define from a visual analysis standpoint the only thing I can say about is the emphasis on the priest. and him being exceptionally larger than the rest of the people. The old man and Christ are seen in the white of goodness while the priest is shrouded in darkness.
1. What we see here is a white horse frightened by a lion on the prowl. 2. There is a balance to this etching that divides the middle of the picture were on the horses side is light where the lions side is more shrouded in darkness.
1. This etching is a little more difficult to depict due to the ambiguous nature for me it shows Satan walking across a field inspecting is work. 2. I feel there is very little variety in this etching putting the emphasis on the darkness with only the moon showing any hint of light.
1. This piece depicts the creation of Jacobs ladder where Jacob had a dream showing his burden laid upon him by god. 2. Much like the other etchings this feels heavy with a focus on the light coming from god while the world beneath fades into a darkness. A pattern that has emerged is the verticality from left to right I attribute this to some of the pieces being from Rembrandt.
Credits: All media
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