Be breath-taken by these majestic landscapes you are going to see. Take the plunge to escape reality and be taken into another world. In my gallery you will encounter different landscapes of different cultures, sizes, colour and artists. I have chosen this particular topic of landscapes because I love looking at the world through other peoples perspective and looking at the world through different types of media. By looking at the world through other people’s eyes you gain more knowledge by learning how other people have grown up and lived a different or similar up bringing to you. The artwork ‘Harlem sunshine’ by Frederic Whitaker is an evident example of how he would have grown up and how he has shown the world his child hood or where he has traveled. Another evident artwork is ‘Sunset on the Plains by Frederic Whitaker’ this is showing how he saw the sunset when he drove through the western plains. This artwork shows how Whitaker in particular encountered the landscape. It is a pleasure and I am very grateful that Cannon, Bunnings and Dulux paint have sponsored this exhibition.      


Second Artwork
First artwork
Structural Frame
Post Modern Frame
Subjective Frame
Cultural Frame