-process of making artwork normally on paper

This painting contains curved and organic lines in the trees and hills. Space is created by overlapping of the figures.The main colors used are true colors which consist of blue and red.
This painting uses form to create a realistic facial structure. The colors remain neutral and the painting is balanced by the exterior figures
This painting incorporate many space creating techniques such as overlapping, vertical location, and size. It also uses bright colors and directs the eye to the center
this is a painting the dominance of colors are darker tones. The colors balance with asymmetric as one side is dark with a light interior and the other has a dark background with a dark interion
Etching.line and form. The lines used include curved and straight lines. the main principles used are unity because the print has a sense of completeness. it also emphasizes mainly on the man.
etching. IT incorporates space as 3-dimensional shapes are used. The print is black and white yet creates a variety of shades and uses a value scale from light to dark which is dominant.
Drypoint.The main focal point in this print is the girl and her baby. It uses complementary colors as blue and yellow- paired. The pattern on the skirt are dots.
Drypoint. focal point-mother and child Proportion creates feeling of unity with human shapes and backgrounds Curved lines are mainly used and space is created with overlapping and vertical position
Lithograph. It incorporates repetition of horses and this emphasizes the movement within the print. Space is shown through an aerial view and it has implied texture.
Oil on Canvas. Emphasis focuses on women and shapes are used but are not used to stick out. The colors used are neutral and texture is implied and her back appears realistic and almost touchable
Lithography.Uses colors such as red and green, yellow and black. contrasts dark and light. uses overlapping to create space.
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