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"The mission statement of 'Becoming A Better You' is to help improve the lives of people, even in the slightest, through reviewing and recommending readings which have already made a positive impact on others."

The Histories by Herodotus Let the power of logic enhance your life-become more wise! “The Father of History” has done it again in his life-changing book The Histories. Herodotus, in his past, has seen many battles and attacks between all different groups of people. He traveled around his world at the time and put his experiences in a book, which is now making peoples futures brighter! Herodotus’ experiences through his travels bring many learning lessons to people today. HERE YOU CAN UNRAVEL: • How doing things out of your comfort zone will benefit you • The near and distant consequences of your individual choices • How to become more wise through experiences • The effects of the power of freedom • How to have more control over what you know • The uses of logos- use more logic in everything you do! “Herodotus has taught me everything I need to know in life. I use more logic before doing anything and it has helped me make wiser decisions. I am becoming more intelligent every day now that I am going out and doing things I have never done before. I can actually help by children by giving them better advice because I am experiencing more! I feel as if I am fulfilling something that was not there before and everyone else in the world should be doing the same!”- Tony McFadden (middle class, 51year-old, Caucasian American)
The Most Human Human by Brian Christian Goodbye social anxiety and electronics! Brian Christian is changing the way millions think by getting these people off their phones and reading this book! In The Most Human Human, Christian emphasizes that phones and other electronics are reshaping how we as people think. The amount of social anxiety people have today is decreasing due to this masterpiece. This book is filled with advice and experiments conducted by Christian to aid in everyone becoming how they should be… human! BE MORE HUMAN BY: • Fighting the urge of social media telling you what the norm is • Interacting with others face to face • Reduce social anxiety • Become more intellectual & intelligent without Google or auto-correct “Being a teenager in todays society is tough. Everything is done electronically. How we speak, how we learn about things happening around the world, even how we date! I used to suffer from a social anxiety disorder and I blame the lack of face-to-face conversation I had due to having electronics. I didn’t believe electronics was the source of my anxiety before reading this book. Thank you Brian Christian for helping me become better mentally and physically. I am proud of how far I have come since reading this book. I rarely use my phone as much as should everyone else!”- Megan (a public high school honor role student)
The Nature of Things by Lucretius Find your state of ataraxia now! Lucretius may be long gone, but his philosophy stays true to this day. Through reading Lucretius’ The Nature of Things, people around the world have been discovering a more fulfilling life. Eventually, everyone is going to pass one day and Lucretius strives to help people avoid that fear. The philosophy of Epicureanism that Lucretius preaches is not something you want to miss out on for it is not quite like others. DISCOVER HOW TO: • Find your own state of ataraxia • Get rid of your fears through science • Stop avoiding pain that leads to pleasure • Be more self-sufficient • Become more satisfied-Live more contently with less!!!! “Before reading this book, I was the kind of person who never left the house. I had major anxiety issues. With all the extreme things going on today, you never know what’s going to happen to you at any given moment. I now realize that no matter what I am going to die eventually so I might as well do what I want and not worry about the outside world. I don’t even have to make other people happy, just myself. Lucretius changed my life, let him change yours too!”- Howie Goodman
Utopia by Thomas More What a Wonderful World it would be if everyone stopped comparing themselves to other people! You read it right! Thomas More has been easing the minds of everyone who has come across his exquisite book, Utopia. Although More suggests solutions that are quite unimaginable in the society we live in today, there are many great messages behind the perfect utopia he has created in his book…so great that people are changing the way they think about other people. HERE YOU CAN FIND HOW: • To change the way you think while interacting with others • Kindness and good nature unite people more effectually • To make your heart stronger by engaging with others • To avoid the thought of being below or above other people - we are all humans!! • You can become a much happier person-another person’s misfortune should not be your own happiness! “I am living totally different than how I lived before. I cannot believe the impact Thomas More’s book has had on myself. I now watch campaign videos of myself from the past and sit in disbelief how I acted towards other people. I used to think I was so much better than everyone before I read this genius book. Thank you for helping me transform into a completely different person who is now equal and kinder to everyone else. “- Donald Trump
A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft Start living a life of One Love! Mary Wollstonecraft is still on the rise even hundreds of years after she wrote her masterpiece. Wollstonecraft has helped millions of people, men and women, get rid of the idea that men and women are two different animals. She has completely changed the public education system that our children are in today. In A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, Wollstonecraft bravely expresses her thoughts of feminism and suggests solutions as to how everyone can live equally! LEARN HOW: • To become more open minded towards feminism • To become a better parent to your children • The public education system has become equal and free • Women can enter the world of medicine and politics • Women can speak their mind without being perceived as masculine • To have more control over your life • To perceive yourself as equal to the person next to you no matter the gender- keep in mind that women are striving to be equal to men, not more powerful then men!! “As a woman, I can’t believe how much improvement I see in myself through this inspiring book. More importantly, it enhanced how I parent my children as a mother. I can completely relate to Mary Wollstonecraft’s thoughts. Wishing she was still around so I could have the honor of meeting such an intelligent woman. A must read for every man and woman!”- Kate Middleton
Working by Studs Terkel Stop letting life get in the way of your career! Studs Terkel should be the man of the year due his book, Working, improving the lives of Americans across the country. Terkel took the time to conduct hundreds of interviews of every day people talking about their career and how it affects their lives. These interviews are overflowing with lessons in which will teach you how to find a balance between what is going on in your life and your own place of work! LEARN HOW TO: • Reduce the stress of work by liking your job more • Avoid taking bad work days out on others • Balance family time and work time • Balance your morals and your job • Become happier! - Your job cannot be as bad as some of the people that were interviewed! “Reading these interviews has made a handprint on my life. Some of the interviewees have had some horrifying jobs and they have helped me appreciate what I do a bit more. I serve as a combat photographer in the United States Marine Corps and I always seem to have my morals in the back of my head while I am in a combat zone. I also have a family back at home, which I do not see often. These interviews have helped me find peace and balance between my life and what I do. I cannot let my life get in the way of my important job. Highly recommend to anyone who has a job.”- Jessica Turner
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