abi's gallery

In my gallery, i display different artworks that contrast with each other. I achieved this by choosing different styles and techniques whilst continuing the theme of the beach throughout. Different emotions are represented in every artwork, some share similar colours or styles but evoke completley opposite feelings.

The artist has created a feeling of distress, shown by the subjects facial expressions and body language, contrasting against the calm beach setting.
the glass enhances the effect of being under water, i think with natural light shining through the window it would create an underwater atmosphere, furthering the theme of the beach whilst introducing a new style.
although the beach is not visible in this picture, the urban street style painting would fit in perfectly in a beach setting.
this artwork introduces a new emotion to the collection, although it shares similar colours with numerous other works its loose, rounded lines enhance the feeling of calmness yet loneliness.
this artwork does not portray the traditional sea picture, the combination of textures contrast to create depth, an example of this is the soft clouds and the jagged iceberg.
this flask brings variety to my gallery as it is a new style of artwork.
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