Blue skies and oceans reflecting beauty

This painting caught my eyes because of how well made the sun reflects the ocean around the ships
I like this painting because of how the ocean and sky go against each other around this structures.
This painting makes me think of what a mountain would look like surrounded by the blue sky and thats what got me interested.
I also love this painting because of how the sun glimmers on the ocean. But what is different is that the kid's body is also reflecting on the water.
I like this painting because of how much more different than the rest of them. This one doesn't have the sun glimmering but the ships are reflecting against the ocean.
This painting is different from the rest because it shows the real world and what its like in real life. Its showing what the pollution is doing to the blue sky and like it because its realistic.
I like this painting because of how there are three different types of blue colors on here and they all go against each other to show there differences. Thats what caught my attention.
I like this painting because of what seems like different types of blue on wood and I find that interesting
This painting got my attention because of the landscapes reflecting against the ocean and It is a very interesting lighting.
Not only does this painting show different colors of blue to the background but I like it that the blue is used for the shadows of the trees on ground itself. It adds something different that I like.
I think i like this painting the most because I like the way the lights reflecting against the ocean at night. It looks like the lights are actually in the water and the stars are just amazing.
I love the way the ship in this picture changes the water when it is surrounded by it.
I like this photo due to the fact that the way the blue water was made in this was completely different from the rest.
The way the mountain reflects in the water on this picture is just perfect to set the mood from the view you are looking from on this painting.
i love the way the view is within the sky on this painting and the sun just sets the mood.
This is last painting I chose because I just love the way the sun reflect on the ocean along the beach line. Of course the detail on the woman and the dog is just as good.
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