elements of Art

I have not given nor received unauthorized aid-Evan Childers

This picture has many lines going in different directions. The line are yellow with black tips and a base. LINES
This picture is unique for its many colors. Every color is in this picture, from the lightest to the darkest. COLOR
several shapes big and small, different colors. From circles, squares, rectangles, and random shapes are all here in this picture. SHAPE
This form looks 3D and realistic. This shape is irregular and which is organic. FORM
Much value in the woman's dress, very much depth in the picture. Different colors within the Girl. VALUE
Many different shades of colors to make the texture pop. Lines and color make up this picture forming its texture. TEXTURE
large scale in space through out the land and close up on the paper and flower. Also a clock far far on the land.
Credits: All media
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