Intuition and tradition

My gallery is made up of a compilation of black and white shots of modern photography. The photos I chose are centered around a modern theme with a strong contrast to increase the dramatic feel. Most of these are of modern architecture and man man things. The text of these shots is crisp and sharp. Photography can be many different textures but these particular shots are smooth and fine aimed to capture as much detail as possible. I love history and I believe modern day is history in the making. Gallery by: Michael Blatner

This photo depicts 3 sister's huddled together. This photo is very powerful. It is during a ceremony of religion. This black and white photo represents tradition of man kept in the modern age.
This photo depicts a man whom lives in poverty working to get an airplane running. This black and white image shows the effort of man, even when he has so little. To this modern society, survival is key.
This photo is one of nature. This photo was captured for the design of the branches. A high contrast gives the grooves of the leafs a sharp pattern.
This image is of modern architecture. It is a nice sharp, clear image giving it a smooth texture. It follows my theme of man's will. In this case his will to create great things.
This black and white photo is another image of modern architecture. The black and white effect gives it a dramatic feel.
This photo is of some sailing boats. Again the black and white effect gives it a dramatic feel. It captures mans creation, however not a modern creation.
This black and white photo shows the top of the building shown the photo two images back. The Gautherot, Marcel Instituto. The contrast gives the image overall a dramatic feel.
This image depicts a women walking through a cemetery. Not only does the contrast give a dramatic feel but so does the area the image of captured. The film image is crisp and clean.
This image depicts an award given right before being unveiled. The contrasted black and white image shows man being awarded for his intuition.
This is my favorite. This image shows three women looking disgusted by a disabled man. It is unrelated to my theme but the image itself is so beautiful. The sun behind them gives the perfect contrast.
Credits: All media
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