God created a beautiful place for us in the form of earth, and the mother nature needs us the most now. It is our responsibility to save this earth and make it a better place for us and for the generations to come.

Artwork depicting God's creation on the first day: light (day) and darkness (night).
Artwork depicting God's creation on the following days: water, dry land and vegetation.
Artwork depicting God's creation on the fifth day: fish, birds and animals.
Artwork depicting God's most important creation, human being on the sixth day.
A beautiful world created by God.
Artwork depicts human greed resulting in deforestation.
Human greed for industrialization and urbanization resulting in water pollution.
Artwork depicting humans exploiting land, that once had enough water to be fertile and bear fruits as God’s plan.
Artwork depicting mother earth bearing the world in her womb and all the beautiful creations of God in it is pleading the human beings to stop cutting trees and show mercy to her.
A reminder to all, It is our turn now to restore the earth to its originality.
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