the ultimate battle

This gallery is based around the fight between good and evil in each and every human being.

I believe this work of art represents the eternal battle of right vs. wrong within everyone. Some battles are won by each side but the war is eternal.
I see this work of art as a representation of everyone's desire to be better than others, the desire that causes conflict over leadership and control.
I think this shows how even though we can be in the best positions, humans are naturally attracted to the bad decisions in life.
like the second photo, i believe this shows the natural tendency to out-do others. I believe the mentality of eat or be eaten does a good job of representing this image.
To me, this painting represents humans' curiosity and desire to explore.
humans have the power to make their own decisions and think on their own but the decision of good vs. evil could manipulate them to make certain decisions.
Credits: All media
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