stories of the bible

the holy trinity are a collection of art works that are significant to the bible

the painting shows the angles from heaven kicking adam and eve out of the garden of eden for eating the forbidden fruit. This is one of the first stories of the bible and very well known.
this painting is christ being baptized by a priest with to people waiting. I picked this because in christian beliefs to get to heaven you must be born again through baptism.
the painting shows jesus resurrected from is grave and ascending into the heavens as to people on there knees praise him. I picked this painting because it is the beginning of the holy trinity story.
this painting shows jesus rising from his tomb. this is my second resurrection painting I could chose between the two so I picked both.
this painting shows a large gathering of people coming to see the birth of jesus from the virgin mary. this is another popular and well know story of the bible.
this painting is vary sketchy and hard to se but well done black in white painting. It shows christ on the cross between the to thieves. another known story of the bible.
this painting shows people coming from all over to be heeled by jesus. I've heard this story in couple bible passages and if i had to visualize it, it would look like this.
this painting show jesus tied up before he was to be crucified. I picked this painting because of the detail and it is another bible tale.
this painting shows jesus and his apostle having the last super. another well known story of the bible.
this is by far my favorite of all the pictures i picked for my gallery it is a painting of the rebel angles fight gods angels in heaven. the birth of heaven hell angels and demons.
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