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a collection of photograph and paintings i enjoyed viewing

I really enjoy this picture because it explains that women are just as smart as men and can accomplish that same goals men can have. this photo shows that half of this ladies life is spent towards this career and that she is determined to make it. i also really like the black and white filter it make the whole picture look more edgy
this photo show so much creativity and has such a message behind it. how many times in life do we like were being watched in quiet relaxing place. i know i have gotten skittish before because of things like this.
this picture has many meanings but what i see when i look at it is that the black part is in a bad time of life and the other side is in the great part of life. i think the artist is trying to show us it take both sides to create happiness and the arrow reminds us that were only going up from here!
i love this picture because the picture explains the wondering mind. it also shows the worry wart. the worst and best of times that could happen are in our minds. the artist doe an awesome job with picking out the colors to show you that it is all just a dream or in our minds
i really like this picture because the girl is so young and already figuring out that we are all being control by something bigger than us and we are also having to conform to the ways of the world. like the puppet on the stick. also the girl looks poor and hungry and in a lot of mexico the people have homes but to poor for a lot of the necessities.
i think this picture a lot because this picture explains our society today. we have put so much focus on tattoos and cell phone and looking pretty all the time. as humans we aim to please others and i think that some hate tattoos because there parents looked down upon it. if someone wants to express themselves with them then we should support them. as a society today most of us couldn't live without our cell phones either.
i really like this picture because i enjoy the perfect shape of a circle and that it has no ends. also i have a game on my phone called "two dots" and it where you match up the colored dots and you get points for it. it intrigued me to look at it due to the game.
this painting/sketch interests me because the title of the painting is about christ in the christian world. it look like the painting has christ pouring something over the women head. this speaks highly to me because i am part of a faith that believes in the thing he is doing is a sacrament and we still do it in my church today!
i like this picture because after i look at it o get this message from it. bullying is a problem now of days in our society and this picture shows us that the boy might have been embarrassed about something he was being picked on about. his cheeks are rosey maybe because he was along with bullies who were picking on him.
these beads are beautiful with all the colors in them. when i was in high school we learned how to make these beads and also the paper beads. these date to the 100s BC. this also is the time that started making these beautiful accessories for everyone to wear. these beads were used in trades a lot in this time frame
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