A CREATIVE WAY OF LOOKING AT OUR BEAUTIFUL                                       WORLD.

A beautiful oil on canvas one-point perspective of the gardens in the Palace of Versailles.
This amazing blood-orange land done with oil painting, each one floating over a sea of milk. This has atmospheric perspective, showing the size of mountains changing in the distance.
I chose this photograph because it shows a creative way of taking a picture and turning it into this multi perspective photo.
This photograph shows us living in a geometric world and how our land is filled with all kinds of shapes showing perspective from the detail on the first shape and then fading as it goes further.
I chose this amazing installation because it shows so much perspective like one point and 2 point. It is also painted and hung on a wall which makes this look more realistic.
Another beautiful piece by Hahn, this one shows not only one point perspective but a color contrast with yellow and violet making the road stand out from the piece.
I chose this piece from Giovanni because I love the gothic arches and color scheme of this painting. The one point perspective shows the darkness that is in the distance making it mysterious.
This crazy amazing mural piece shows one point perspective at its finest. Realistic filled with so much detail, and to believe it was done on a huge wall. It's outstanding. The detail of the clouds!
This photograph shows one point perspective by taking a normal shot of trees and warping it in a circle so it can stand out from the center. Giving the illusion of perspective. Great shot.
Very calm piece, I chose this because I love the canal in between the middle of the city. Showing how far the canal goes with one point perspective.
This amazing three point perspective shot shows how suspenseful is to work construction on a sky scraper. Beautiful contrast between black and white and shadow/highlights.
Another great perspective photograph, shows the different layers of the building using three point perspective. I love how you can see the cars on the bottom and how small they appear.
This amazing art mural painting mostly takes away from the whole photograph. On the left we have the one point perspective but we don't pay much attention due to the beautiful art thats on the right.
My favorite piece of this gallery! The one point perspective used with the metal wires and strings plus the black in the background. Kind of forms an illusion and makes it look unrealistic.
This reflective shot shows one point perspective doubled due to the reflection along the glass of the building. I love the blue tone of the photograph and the blurry effect it has.
Credits: All media
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