Caats & Caats & Caats

Derika had the feeling that this is about hot dogs (in which it is). This gallery is secretly about cats their fluffiness, and more cats on how artists depict them. There are many diverse ways that many artists depict a feline. I have only chose a few. Derika has no idea. Tell no one...

This image captures the beauty of a cat in black and white from Nina Leen.
Here's a metallic sliced cat laying down.
Here is a metallic sliced cat walking with their tail curved up.
Here's a cat who's chose to lay down comfortably on a red cushion by Theophile Steinlen.
Here is a cat who has to file a report on Monday morning, but hasn't started yet. Brought to you by the courtesy of Nina Leen.
This appears to be a cat laying down, but he appears to be sad. Sad over what?
Well, here's a black cat sat down by a neat pot of flowers, looking over their shoulders instead of looking out the window.
Here's a little kitty who has fallen asleep next to a ball of yarn. Brought to you by Nina Leen.
Brought to you by Theophile Steinlen, this is a portrait of the same cat laying down comfortably on fancy railing.
This is a very happy man, having a seat in a nice white suit. He has very nice facial hair. This oil painting depicts the man at the peak of his success; sitting down with a sleeping marmalade cat.
Credits: All media
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