Street is today's modern- Daniel Sanchez

"Street Art" has come a long way throughout the years to actually be considered an actually "Art" form.  Most would instantly think "Street Art" or "Graffiti" are those awful spray paint scribbles infesting walls across urban areas. Many street artist kept on pushing the limits and revolutionizing their projects trying to convince the world that despite rising off the streets, these projects are just as worthy as those years ago. They show the same amount of creative description as any other art piece, only modified to our modern time period. Street Art's period is among us, and it is ready to deliver and entertain the eye. My vision of an astonishing street art piece must demonstrate a strong contrast of color and shadow value in order to create the pop out affect that street art are renown for. Depending on how the artist wants to use the lines and colors, they must be able to show a bold shape, figure, or formation all over the canvas as well as fading/blending between two or more colors. 

The thick color combination of the light turquoise background complements the dark magenta spray can fog monsters, making it pop. The trims of the lime green outlining helps reflect a shiny glow.
The light blue sun under water reflection builds contrast to the well textured and color toned skin. The colors appeal stronger with the giant shadow casting underneath, making it appear realistic.
Although most of the painting is shaded in grey, the shadows are what creates volume and texture to the boy's profile and suit. The red trims complements the grey, giving a more vivid approach.
The yellow turning into lime green, then into emerald green as the city pours down the light blue water reveals the strengthening of the colors with the dark outlines of the city and its surroundings.
The use of light blue fading into the darker blue as the underlining 3D affect for the red, purple, yellow, and orange brings the letters to life, especially the bold black outlining for each letter.
Built by strong contrasting colors demonstrates well sharpen figures. With the help of slight dark shadows, texture lines, and light shine, this art piece reveals volume and bold coloring.
The abstract affect with the dark purple and black background allowed the whale to be more visible since the colors when warm and sharp, even more with the strong pink, turquoise, and white highlight.
The boldest color usage of the peach circles inside a hot pink background that fades to magenta at the edges stands out the clean texture and think outlines, which draws attention to the yellow bulbs.
Amazing creativity of using dark navy blue skin to be highlighted by the bold cyan trims. They bring out each other along with the purple demonstrating realistic value that aids the red gory feature.
Well contrasted and colored,this project exploits itself with its highlights of bright red, pink, and purple combined with the linear texture and blocky outline, creates volume within the black-grey.
Credits: All media
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