Jupiter's rings - Tyler Dean

This gallery includes many depictions of Greek God's and the mythology surrounding them. I wanted to get as much depictions of Jupiter as possible and then a few of his family and children. The depictions range from statues of great god's to normal human depictions. 

The statuette of Daphne represents Daphne who is known as a nymph in Greek legend. In the myth she was turned into a tree, so here the artist pictures Daphne turning into a tree.
Basically any unknown event that happened in Greece was caused by gods, so here are the 4 gods of the seasons. Each God displays an item that matches there season.
Ganymede was a local hero in Greece, here he is shown feeding Jupiter's eagle, Jupiter came down and capture him in the form of an eagle, so really the artist is depicting Jupiter.
The golden fleece was a great myth, here you can see many people making fleece's. The detail is great in this piece, and he used the perspective method to show how far down the line these people go.
Here a ship is being carried by neptune, the God of the sea in greek mythology. The colors and texture in this piece bring it together to really reflect and focus on Neptune.
This is a ship depicting a few Greek Gods on board. The glass has a crystal glow to it and makes the ship shine brightly.
Here the artist depicts a statue of mercury, who is the Greek god of love. The detail is beautiful and the bronze color really shines and makes Mercury seem definitely god like. The added movement with his leg lifted up high.
Here is a depiction of Jupiter's head, it is simple but very God like. The detail in the line is vast as his hair and beard curl. The sense of seriousness on his face depicts a very strong God.
Here the hero Hecules is shown resting after cutting all the heads off of the monster Hydra. The color is all the same but the use of shading really makes the hero pop out.
Here Apollo is shown on Mount Helicon, the artist painted this piece on a dish but the detail is tremendous. The colors blend very well but at the same time stand out to one's eye.
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