Mirror Mirror on the wall

This gallery showcases portraits of people from different eras, countries and techniques. Showing the different types of costumes and styles of each era and country.

In this portrait we can see Elisabeth the queen of France painted by François Clouet, the characteristics of his work is research for resemblance and avoided unnecessary details.
The girl in this picture is a unknown woman, this work was made by Berthe Morisot, in this work impressionism meets the art of Manet.
This picture is a self portrait of the artist Jean-Auguste-Dominique Ingres, it was the first self portrait of Jean.
The Girl in the picture is Nini one of Renoir's favorite model, appearing in at least 14 more paintings. This panting create a big emphasis on the study of the light behind the model.
This portrait painted by Auguste Renoir, is of a girl called Julie Manet she was an orphan who Renoir helped financially, and frequently she posed for him.
The man in the picture is Dr. Paul Gachet he was the one who took care of Van Gogh during the final months of his life. Van Gogh with his incredible technique create this master piece.
This picture is a self portrait of her artist Stella Bowen an painter and writer, she lived in England and France, but had a lot of success painting portraits.
In this paint we can see Johnny O'Keefe was the first Australian Rock Star. Durrant was a big fan of O'Keefe so he decided to make the portrait as he imagined him in the beginning of his career
In this picture we have Paul Kelly An Australian singer, the painter of this picture Jon Campbell, is also an Australian and loves Rock'n Roll
In this picture is one Australian Rock Star know as Chrissy Amphlett, The autor of this painting is Ivan Durrant an Australian who was a huge fan of her.
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