Addisohn jones, Dark Romance

A collection of images by various artists who capture the darkness behind romance, love, and lust. The images are all similar in color scheme, shading, contrast, and uneasiness in subject matter. Many subjects are in malevolent situations. The backstory of each art piece has no influence on whether or not it is included in the collection.

A lover has beheaded her husband, and she feels fine about it. The dark background against the murderer gives the sense that this is a dark world; a world where things like this happen a lot.
During an intimate moment between two lovers, a malicious man on horseback uses dark magic to separate the them. The kinetic energy of the horse gives an overwhelming power to the separation.
A weeping woman mourns over the body of her dead lover. Death is the ultimate separation between lovers. The background envelopes our lovers in darkness, also known as death.
What may be an innocent painting is turned eerie and dark by the mysterious figure in the background, behind the oblivious-looking woman. His vague presence could be malicious, and sexual.
There's nothing that makes me more unsettled than strange love. This disturbing and alarming imagery adds a demented layer to romance; a darker, almost evil romance.
Similar to a previous painting, two lovers are interrupted by a giant. These lovers appear ashamed and full of despair. The giant appears disappointed and angry. There is a dark undertone to these characters.
The kinetic drawings of the art style and the frantic movements of the lines adds conflict between the lovers. This adds an uneasiness to the artwork that makes me feel nervous.
Romance is never more dark than when sacrifice is involved. A man stops a sacrifice that is about to take place. The colors and shading are dark and intense, adding to the situation.
It appears raiders are taking a powerful man's women. The dark, romantic positions of the women as they're taken add panic and desperation to the scene.
The bed can be a horrific place when a demon visits you when you're vulnerable. The dark shadows and demon are contrasted by the white figure, who is in a position of submission.
Credits: All media
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