Color is a beautiful thing

My perspective on colors in art.

I like how cool the color blue is in this picture. It really outlines that the sun has gone down and the city is winding down.
I like the vibrant colors used in this painting. The colors used here are very bright and festive.
I like that they used mostly yellow and orange to lighten up the background of this bronze painting.
I like how the colored sqaures around each photo contrast with the colors to bring more of the photo out than the squares.
I love how the colors behind the waterfall blend and flow perfectly along with it.
The colors inside of the glass are blended very well one can almost not notice that the orange color at the bottom because of the yellow and red mix.
The colors in the middle are shadowy depicting that there is a big space in the middle almost as if the painting were a room.
I like how the artist shows two different versions of the same picture, the one at the bottom having the colors neatly lined up against each other, while the top picture uses all of the same colors but made them flow together.
I noticed that there was more purple than anything in this picture but not enough to outshine any of the other colors in this picture because it fits well with its surrounding colors.
I like the simplicity of this painting and the colors they chose to go with that simplicity, the painting is as if it has two sides a light side and a dark side, like two sides or a coin.
The curvy and colorful waves in van gogh's face really bring out the natural beauty in this portrait.
The colors used in this painting make me think of self expression. The light colors let me know that when he or she thinks about the place or things depicted in the piece that they are happy.
Red is a very prominent color in this piece which lets me know that the painter was very passionate about the subject.
My eye is drawn first to the big neon light strewn across the area which i think is a nice color to use to brighten up the area.
This street art is beautiful, the yellow bright and shiny mountain top which can be a depiction of the sun shining brightly off of it. But also the pretty white flowers with their beautifully contrasted leaves shown blowing off with the wind.
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