The majesty of the Depths - Kevin Hayes 

This gallery has art works that showcase’s the beauty and power of the ocean depths that make up seventy one percent of the earth. It shows the unique colors and some of the sea creatures that live in these hostile depths. It also shows many different artist interpenetrations of the power of the ocean. 

The work Underwater Scene by Robert Caney depicts a very spooky and dismal view of the ocean floor. He uses very dull colors and a lot of green. The work shows great depth and contrast just as the ocean is. It also shows how the ocean can be very beautiful and dark all in the same scene.
The Valley In The Sea is rich in colors and detail. It shows some of the vast colors that can be found in the ocean. It also shows creatures swimming in the distance. This work shows the ocean as a very peaceful and focuses on the variations terrain that can be found in the ocean.
Four Seasons of the Sea shows the beauty the can be found along the shoreline of a ocean. It has waves rolling on to the sandy beach just after sunrise. The work shows how the ocean can be a very peaceful place even though it has great power.
The Bell Rock Lighthouse depicts the massive power that the ocean can produce. The light house is positioned just off shore and due to the storm the massive waves that crash into it are almost is tall as the lighthouse. The waves are very intense and have a lot of motion.
Rock Reef, Maine shows waves crashing over a rock just off shore. The scene is a calm sloshing water. The big brush strokes that the artist uses expresses a very tranquil mood and is lush with rich colors. The dark blue next to the white water crashing over the rocks add great depth to the painting.
The Wreck of 'George the Third' is a scene of a shipwreck just after a storm. The crew can be seen gathering the wreckage of the ship while the tide is low. The ship can be seen just off shore being shaken by the waves. This artwork shows the great power that the ocean can have.
The lightship at Skagen Reef is an image of a ship sailing on dark choppy water. The scene alludes to the ship coming out of a storm early in the morning. There is also two ships sailing off in the distance. The dark blues and blacks that are used make this scene very gloomy and eerie.
The Ships in the Morning after the Storm, Seeing Land depicts two ships seeing land just after day break. Waves can be seen crashing against the rock of the shoreline. The ships are cruising along the shore line possibly looking for a place to make land fall. The variations in the sky colors make the scene very dramatic.
The Fish by John La Farge is a very unique image of a fish swimming under a branch. The medium the work in done in is with stained glass. The fish is seen swimming in water but it looks as if the fish is above the water not in it. The colors used are very mellow and makes the work look calm.
The Rocks at Bellel-ile, Port Domois is a rocky hillside next to the ocean. The rocks have a jagged and dark erie look where the ocean has a very blue and majestic glow. The contrast in the colors make for a very dramatic scene that really shows what a beautiful place the ocean can be.
Credits: All media
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