Era Of Reform

By; Lauren Hoaglin

This is a photo of Elizabeth Cady Stanton (the women on the left) , she held the first women's rights convention at Seneca Falls. This impacted people today by showing that everyone is equal and a know women are allowed to do a lot more than they were able to before the convention.
Frederick Douglass was the president of Oberlin college which was the first school to hold both African-Americans, women, and men. This impacted today because know every school allows every race and there is no discrimination.
This photo shows a factory where many people have worked and possibly been killed by the machines. These people had to work under harsh condition of smoke, oils, little food, and almost no sleep. This impacted today's people because now we do not have to work under these conditions and there is now the workers rights.
This picture shows a beer bottle which represents the Temperance Movement which was a reform where women banned alcohol so there would be less alcohol abuse.
Reform is important because it helps us change the community for the better, and give other people the same opportunities as others. That we should all be treated equal.
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