Balance: This piece is approximately symmetrical, on both sides of the painting, there is a jester. It looks intriguing and feels balanced because there is a person on both sides of the barrier.
Unity: This painting is a great example of unity. Everything in it seems to have a place, and because of the style everything fits in with beautiful colors that attract the most attention.
Proportion: This piece is very proportionate, the woman's body is a realistic size, and the parts of her body as well as the fan are correctly sized to fit the whole picture.
Variety: This picture demonstrates the principle of variety very well, because it is fairly large, there are many different things to be focused on, and it demonstrates other principles as well.
Movement:This piece demonstrates the principle of movement because it displays a busy scene where many people are rushing around to where the viewers eye is directed towards what the people are doing.
Emphasis: This piece is an example of this principle because its focal point is the two birds, and those birds are dominant over the rest of the background.
Contrast: Half of this whole piece is accentuating the contrast of the city, and one side of the artwork is opposite the other. Both sides use two very different colors alongs side each other.
Repetition: This sculpture uses repetition, because it repeats the same pattern over and over again in a circle.
Credits: All media
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