Colors of the sea - Seth Dudley

Different civilizations have had different interpretations of the seas, rather its bright and receiving, or dark and brooding. The seas have and still hold mysteries, and this is how the seas have been depicted throughout time. 

Here we are looking out to the ocean with the sun shining on it with possibly some ships on the horizon. Although it appears to be a sepia tone, the ocean appears to be vibrant with the sun shining on it. It also appears to be very calm with no waves.
Here we see a woman peering out to the ocean. There appears to be some activity from the ocean, but nothing that anyone would shy away from. The colors are very vibrant with a lot of cool colors with some warm colors in the rocks below to balance out the piece.
In this piece there is a ship heading into port during a stormy day out on sea. The waves are crashing against the walls of the port and are much more active and larger. There are a lot of darker colors in this piece mainly the storm clouds above, the sea is a gray, which is much different compared to the vibrant blue of the sea.
In this piece there are two boats on land with a large wave about to hit them. There are also very large, dark storm clouds that are heading inland. The colors in this painting are darker with the water being almost black. There are very little cool colors in this painting besides whats left of the clear sky in the corners.
In this piece, there are very savage waves hitting the beach, covering most of it. There are also some mountains in the background with two people standing by the waves. There darker colors, with the exception being from the large wake of the waves (although that still brings negative connotation as that implies bad weather).
In this piece we are looking at the middle of the ocean with some waves and clouds above. There seems to be mainly white, dark blue and gray, they complement each other nicely, but there is a more menacing tone to this piece due to the larger waves and storm clouds above.
In this piece Neptune has his trident while he's on the water with a fish right underneath him. This piece is interesting since Neptune was a personification of the sea. He appears to be irate in this, with his eyebrows furrowed as well as a frown, which could mean that he's going to create stormy weather at sea.
In this piece we are looking out at sea, from land. There are two men on a pier with several ships out at sea. The colors of this piece are very dark with a lot of gray and black. With the large, looming, dark clouds overhead, the near the gray waters, which becomes black from the shadows from the clouds.
In this piece there are multiple British vessels at sea in choppy water. There is a mixture of bright and dark colors. With the bright colors from the clouds, the sails and flags on the ships. The darker colors are from the shadows that the clouds (not in the piece) are casting on the waters behind the ships. There is a mixture of mood from this piece as it seems smooth enough to sail on, but it is also dark and choppy.
In this piece there are groups of explorers ready to set out for the sea. There is a group of men heading out in the boats to their main ships. There is a mixture of color, mainly from the large, dark shadows that the clouds are casting, and the light colors from the ships. There is positive connotation as its smooth enough for all of these yachts ready to explore the sea even with some choppy waters.
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