Social Commentary

Phoenix Ariail

This piece could be a social commentary against liars. The sign the rat is holding says 'you lie'. As mice are only able to communicate with other mice this may be a commentary calling liars "rats".
This piece represents satire because the people in the painting are very cartoonized and exaggerated.
This represents magical realism becaus it is not questioned that the house is a child's drawing it is just accepted and the drawing is being fixed and boarded up by the grown man.
This could be a social commentary on the willingness of snipers and the police to shoot the people who run from them and how they seem to alwasy have their finger on the trigger.
This mural could be a science fiction mural showing a small child being picked up by a robotic arm. It is not given what is happening to the child but it most likely is not good.
Credits: All media
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