Getting Lost with the              magician's nephew                  by C.S. Lewis

                 Docent: Michael Ackley

Epigraph: "Those who don't believe in magic will never find it." -Roald Dahl This poem relates to my book because in the beginning of the book Digory doesn't believe in magic, but once he starts believing once his Uncle sends him to a magical place.
This ring relates to the theme of the story because over and over in the story the rings get Digory and Polly in and out of trouble.
Though the contents of this image does not have to do with the book, it is the complexity of the image that relates to the tone of confusion and excitement throughout the book.
Part of the book that has a very descriptive setting is when Digory and Polly explore what seems to be a very old castle in a world where everything except the castle has seemed to be destroyed. I think this picture is an almost perfect image of what I imagined the castle looking like in my head.
Many times in the book I think Digory felt like he had a lot of responsabilities in his hands and as hard as he tried to do good, he still ended up hurting people. I have definitely experienced feelings like this before.
This Picture makes me think of Digorys family because of how hectic the picture looks. Another thing that makes me think of Digorys family is that he is so small in comparison to the rest of his family.
This painting reflects some of the feelings I think Digory felt through out the story. I think this picture resembles worry and feeling lost.
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