Egyptian Art GAllery

By: Brianne Giuliano 

The mummy of Herakleides shows the tradition of mummification and the Roman tradition of individualized portraiture. This painting depicts a young man with no clothing on his shoulders. The red coloring is a symbol for life and regeneration.
Sculpture of a monkey sitting, with its head turned at a right angle looking over his shoulder. Ears are pierced and his hands are resting on his feet. Glaze is somewhat worn out on the body.
A sarcophagus is a coffin made for the keeping of bodies. This sarcophagus is carved out of wood and has painted features all around the wood to make it look like the person’s body before their death.
The Sphinx is of slender greyhound type with a human head, pierced ears, bearded and wearing a lappet wig. Medium: Bronze
Five sided plaque shows a running man and his dog. The depiction of a running figure is typical in Islamic Art. And these figures are created to be very realistic.
Credits: All media
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