trees by van gogh

I decide to go with trees by Van Gogh because I love his brush strokes and the detail in all of his work. I especially respect his work on trees because they are very hard to do, with single leaves and branches going in every direction or maybe just one. And to be able to make something look life like with just some color and a brush is amazing. 

I picked this piece because of the detail in his flowers and the texture of the bark. I like the colors he used and the fact that none of the flowers look exactly the same. He never made the same stroke twice.
I picked this piece because of the colors he used. He used yellows to highlight and blues and browns for shadows. I also like how you can see the trees in the back.
I picked this piece because of how he used purples and blues and greens to make the trees and not browns and natural colors. He made it look full of life and colorful.
I picked this piece because I think it shows how much he loved painting. Every leaf is a single stroke. This is also an example of how he painted in blotches instead of smooth lines.
I picked this one because it looks more like a blurry picture and not a painting. It looks realistic and like you would see if you went outside without your glasses on.
I like this painting because it is so detailed. The colors he used remind me of spring. I also like how he has these trees all relatively the same but all different.
I picked this piece because of his shadowing and detail. Even the building in the background has windows and doors. Its just a sketch but its beautiful.
I like this piece because he has flowers in the grass, even though is petals are just smudges they fill the painting, they look so real but at the same time the look like something you would dream about.
I picked this piece because I think it represents Van Gogh perfectly, standing alone small, full of beauty that blossoms from the inside and creates something wonderful for all to see.
I picked this piece because its beautiful but dark. Its from the same person that paints the light and spring like flowers and orchards, but this one is almost gloomy but its still so well done that you cant help but look at it and think about how much time he spent and how much he enjoyed what he did.
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