ART 115/220N Hartsell

This is my Museum Visit Googe Art Project. I chose art from the fifteeth century. The painting I chose to write about its called Another Lamentation painted by Gerard David in the early 1500s. The painting is unusal and bright for its time. The composition is very modern with the mountains in the bakground adding depth to the story and the painting. The painter used a composition that really moves the viewers eye around the page. The colors are also very interesting. There is also a formation of the cross made from the nails that held him on the cross and the anatomical skull with bones in the background is also very interesting.

This is a oil painting that visually tells the story of a part of Christs death. The colors are bright for the renaissance. Christ is gruesome and his flesh is of a corpse. The figures look sorrowful.
Credits: All media
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