the Illusions of spacial perspective - By Philip Scaringi

This gallery brings to life the spacial perspective of religious artwork through various mediums. In addition, this gallery will show the viewer how spatial perspective in paintings and photographs of cathedrals (interior and exterior), add to the depth and energy of the piece. In other words, the goal of this gallery is to demonstrate how artwork can come to life and look almost three dimensional by use of perspective and the sometimes surreal usage of space.

The Interior of the Monastery of Altacomba depicts the gorgeous and spacious interior of the monastery. The usage of spacial perspective as a key element of the design adds to the mastery behind the attention to detail. In addition, the magnificent archways and curved ceilings provide an added depth to the piece.
The Baptism of Christ is a painting depicting Jesus Christ’s Baptism in a flowing stream with various onlookers. Depending on how you view the piece, the perspective of it adds a layer of depth and brings the piece to life. In other words, through the clever usage of spacial perspective the artist was able to create a scene that is not only vivid with color, but stands out among the blazoned frame.
The Benavente Chapel at Medina de Rioseco is a painting depicting the beautiful architecture and ornate ceiling of a Chapel filled with people. The perspective from the ground level adds a real sense of depth to the piece and creates the illusion of space. In other words, spacial perspective and proper usage of proportion creates the illusion of height and a sense of realism.
Royal Chapel of the Queluz Palace is a photograph of the interior of the chapel itself that shows the beauty and the illusion of depth created by the architecture. The chapel interior depicts various religious works of art blazoned by ornate golden frames. Furthermore, the artworks on the walls lend to the already added depth and spacial perspective of the chapel, and add to the illusion of it being larger than it appears.
Retable of the chapel of Our Lady of Piety is a photograph of the interior of the chapel that demonstrates how perfectly the creator understands depth and space. The interior of the chapel depicts a religious figure overlooking an altar. In addition, the focal point of the small statue in the back versus the large archway in the front creates an interesting spacial perspective for the onlooker to view this piece.
The Ceiling of the Chapel of Eleonora of Toledo depicts angels, monks, and other religious figures floating through an interpretation of Heaven. The placement of this image combined with the illusion of depth by the sky and clouds, gives the viewer a sense of space and makes the ceiling appear much higher than it really is.
The Antesacristy of the Franciscan Convent is a painting depicting the elaborate interior of the convent, and the Franciscan Monks that inhabit it. In addition, the darker foreground versus the well-lit background as a focal point creates the illusion of depth and spacial perspective that is prevalent in most religious works of art.
The Interior of St. Bavo, Haarlem depicts the pointed archways, massive pillars, and spacious interior of the church of St. Bavo. In addition, the spacial perspective and realistic proportions utilized in this piece creates an illusion of depth and space. In other words, the objects appear to be smaller in the background near the focal point and get larger as the eye moves right to left.
Mary Magdalene, Martha, Lazarus and Maximinus W… depicts a gathering inside of a chapel with an elaborate, curved ceiling. In addition, the balance of the image created by the line running vertically through the center creates a sense of asymmetrical harmony. The image is not quite perfectly mirrored, but the chapel itself is symmetrical. In addition, a sense of depth is created through illusion of spacial perspective.
The Altarpiece of Saint Ursula and the Eleven Thousand Virgins depicts various images related to religious doctrine and shows Jesus on the cross. The unique perspective and space created by each of the tinier images that make up this piece, create various illusions of depth. In other words, some of the images in this piece appear more three dimensional than others because of their leading lines and focal points.
Credits: All media
This user gallery has been created by an independent third party and may not always represent the views of the institutions, listed below, who have supplied the content.
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