Egyptian Art of Animals

By: Zach Clawson

This statue of a monkey was created around the first half of 3rd millennium B.C.E. It is made out of limestone and its eyes are inlaid with small blue beads.
Thoth, God of Writing and Knowledge, as a Baboon was created around 664 BC - 525 BC. It is made out of Egyptian Faience.
This Bull-Shaped Rhyton was created around 1450-1200 BC. It is made of Clay. Rhytons were performed ritual vessels with one opening for filling the interior with some kind of liquid to offer to the Gods.
This statue of a frog was created around 1390-1353 B.C.E. It is made out of blue faience. Eyes in high relief covered with Manganese. Three stripes of turquoise blue paint run down the back.
This statue of a Hippo was created around 1938-1539 B.C.E. It is made out of a turquoise faience. It was made just as a shelf ornament to look at and had no specific significance.
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