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Mott was an abolitionist, women's right activist, and social reformer. During the Seneca Falls Convention, she helped create the Declaration of Sentiments, which is why this is an important artifact.
This is an important artifact because Douglass was an escaped slave who spoke at abolitionist meetings. His speeches could make entire crowds cry, they were so powerful.
Dorothea Dix played a major role in helping reform mental hospitals, which is why this is an important artifact. She was appalled when she saw how cruelly patients were treated.
This artifact is important because it shows Horace Mann, who played a major part in the reformation of education. He helped make education required, the school year to be longer, and the state of the classroom.
In conclusion, reform is very important, because we would not be where we are today if it did not occur. For example, higher-paying jobs would not be as available without the education reform, because we would not have the opportunity to learn the required information for a specific job.
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