DEW11 Northern renaissance art

The Northern Renaissance was just like the Renaissance, but it was even better. There were more portraits, and they were all so colorful, and more realistic. They showed humanism and they were different from any art so far in history.

This painting shows a good use of light and dark, or chairoscuro. It also has realism in their faces and symbolism. Its extremely detailed and this was used with oil painting.
This painting has a lot of color to it. It looks so realistic and its really detailed. It also has a little bit of the fogginess to it.
This painting is extremely detailed. It has a lot of color in it. It has symbolism and is a religious painting. It was painted using oil and is highly realistic.
This shows a really good perspective, and chiaroscuro, or the light and shading. It is extremely realistic and really detailed.
This painting was made looking really realistic and has a good shading to it. The red makes him stand out in this portrait, especially with the blue background.
This one shows really good perspective and you can see the vanishing point. Its way more realistic than the paintings in the Renaissance. It also shows symbolism.
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