Poverty                                    Small Problem, Big Issue

Poverty is a small problem, if you don't have any money, then you are poor. But it can also lead to a big issue, if poor people is more than rich people in the country, then the structure of the society may change. Poverty is a significant issue since human exist in the earth. Lots of people in the world don't have enough money. They always sighing about it and don't know what to do. 

In this picture, a vagrant is sitting along the street in the chilly night. He doesn't have any money, and he doesn't have any job, therefore he can only stretching his hands and begging along the street. He only wear two single shirts and a pair of pants. He is very sad and miserable, cause of poverty.
This painting represents one of the most significant issue around the world--- Poverty. A mother has three children, but she is poor and doesn't know how to raise them up without money. She is sad and puzzle.
Poor people don't have the conditions to live in the city and buy food supplies from the supermarket. They can only live in rural area and hunt beasts to solve the starving issue. Even though the beasts is very strong and aggressive, they have to face them, otherwise they will starve to die.
Slave's life is so tough. In their perspective, death may better than their tough days. On this painting, a slave is exhausted after the hard work, he lay on the beach and grasp the boa tightly. A little boa can save the slave's life or otherwise he will starve until die.
Cause of poverty, the family don't have enough money to raise their child, therefore they send their child to be slave. They don't want to do that, but they don't have any other choice.
Slaves' work is very hard. They have to keep working even though the weather condition is extremely terrible. Freedom is the most valuable thing in their life, they don't have any freedom. They desire and have the rights to own freedom, there's a hopeful pigeon lives in every slaves' body. But they can only stay inside the cage.
On the street in the urban city, there's a little girl. She is selling flowers to people. She has to do that, because otherwise the family can no longer raise her.
From the picture, we can learn that the identity of these people are Indians. They are not confident with themselves. They suck to be poor because they are Indians. Then they give up getting rich. That's a ugly circle and they don't have way to solve the issue.
This is a typical gesture for poor people---Looking down. Cause they are poor and they don't have any opportunity to change their life. Their hopes are destroyed. Everyday, they live without any hopes, they are sad and frustrated.
Poverty is a big issue exist in Africa nowadays. They are always being starving. Therefore food becomes the most valuable substance in their life.
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