Ryan Robledo

Color Schemes

The author uses warm colors in this painting. They use yellow and red to create a sense of intensity between the sword fighters in the painting.
The author uses a triadic color scheme. The author uses these colors to create a sense of tranquility. The man looks calm and peaceful. The blue suit that he wears makes him look calm. He stands out.
The artist uses cool colors in this painting. These colors are used because it creates a calm setting. The water looks still. It is usually calm in nature and that is why the author uses these colors.
The artist uses a monochromatic color scheme. They use black and white because the image is all about fact. It is simply a place, and that is what the artist is trying to show you.
The artist uses complementary colors in this painting. They use these colors to make you want to look at the painting. Yellow and purple complement each other very well and they look nice together.
The artist uses analogous colors in this painting. They use different variations of blue to create a feeling of vastness. Blue is the color of the sky and the ocean and they are both very large.
Credits: All media
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