Contrasting Light in Mythology - Cally McConnell

The themes I chose are contrast and mythology.  I chose mythology for the subject theme because I’ve always loved to read stories about mythology, so I thought looking at artwork with that theme would be fun to analyze.  I chose contrast for the visual theme because the use of light and dark in artwork can change the meaning of an art piece.

Tor stands in his goat drawn carriage preparing to attack a group of giants with his lightning struck hammer. Tor is illuminated by a heavenly light while the giants mainly reside in darkness.
The lifeless body of Icarus is examined by three nymphs. The contrast between the light nymphs and his darkened body and wings create an eerie tone.
Saint George saves the princess by slaying the dragon. A heavenly light shines on the saint as he slays the dragon; the piece is darker the lower you look. The dragon is said to represent the devil.
David kneels over the body of a lion while protecting a lamb. David and the lamb are illuminated; the background is dark, putting emphasis on his gratitude towards god for the strength he received.
A young Cupid sits in a tree, preparing to throw an arrow of love. His body is in shadows from the tree except the light on his head; illuminating his innocence while hiding the mischief he’s causing.
Cupid is visiting his secret wife Psyche at night. Cupid visits in the dark to to hide his identity from Psyche, lest his mother discovers them. Most of the room is dark while the two figures are lit.
Psyche breaks Cupid’s trust by attempting to look at him. Cupid’s face is hidden, but his wings are lit, revealing his secret to Psyche who’s lit. Cupid reaches out upset to stop her from seeing him.
Three nymphs play instruments while another nymph dances with a satyr. The figures are lit, but there are areas that sit in shadow. These creatures are known for luring people away from the path.
Cupid prepares to shoot Diana of the moon while she gazes at the sleeping mortal Endymion. Diana casts a radiant light; shadows creep in from the edges, creating the feel of a forbidden love.
Sibyl leads Aeneas into the underworld to visit his father, but is met by Hades and the souls of the dead. Aeneas and Sibyl stand in light while the cave is dark, filled with evils of the underworld.
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