American Nature

Welcome! I hope you enjoy my gallery. I made it more about nature and wide mass of it that we do not see in the city. there are contrasts of light and dark colors and people taking in scenery as well. these artists with a beautiful eye for nature. I am happy I get to show the nature side that seems to be the wonders we do not know and also the beauty of America in the parts we do not see, in it's native ways. 

when looking at this art I liked how it had a darker contrast and it seemed a bit hidden away something we don't often.
One reason I choose this piece of art is because of the nature aspect once again and the way the colors blend well together.
I like this image because the scenery is very pretty and nature like and the skies are clear and relaxing.
looking at this, I get the feeling of a calmness and serenity, also a beautiful illumination of the colors and the sky , right before a sunset, showing it in a way we might not look at it before this.
I really liked the lighting in this image and the idea of the woods and the part that it is in California is cool because it isn't something we see everyday in the city. also the texture and detail.
I choose this image because I was drawn to it instantly with the skies colors popping out and the eary ocean below and the mountain the distance made such a great combination.
the overview of the entire water and the green areas are so pretty and the light reflecting of the water as well is very nice.
this is what I see as a still image and the fruits and different foods of the world and the different colors It has and the set up piled up high.
I like this picture, it reminds me of something you might have seen in older times of America in the way the man and women are dressed and their surroundings as well.
the women in the older outfit of a different century than the 21st seems to be happy as she gets food, what I liked because in many portraits of this time period there weren't facial expressions.
the boats and people going into the water and also the fog of not being able to be seen behind it seems to have a message of a new beginning to me and not know what lies behind it.
there is snow and animals on the farm, fog covers the skies and it makes it feel and look a bit festive.
I really liked the ocean perspective that is given and the light color of the water and the splashing that is shown as well as the rocks and far distance of what may lay ahead.
this is one of the many common portraits that were painted for people to have or give to others and hang them up , being the only way to get a picture of someone through a painting.
this is a representation of the native Americans and their ceremonies it seems to be as they used to be in America and how different their culture was and is.
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