Discord of Protests

(Part one of Discord of Society)                                                                                   These paintings contain discord, or disharmony. Meaning they will be negative and/or have a deeper meaning. Most likely will be photography of events such as protesting. I chose Discord because I believe it is important to highlight negativity but instead of just the classic "crimes" or negative things such as poverty, stealing, murder, etc. I chose to highlight the bad effects of Protesting.

The after math. A man stands in front of destroyed-by-riot buildings after Martin Luther King's assassination.
Banding together. Here are a band/large group of protester in Grant park, this photo shows one of the many Peaceful Protests.
People. Not Pigs. This is a note talking of a person/number of people who feel strongly as Chicago was being run unfairly and decided it was best to riot and show who "should run the streets"
Armies are made of people. Not just soldiers. Police face an "Army" of students who have linked arms, proving their level of solidarity.
Casualties of "War" A fellow protester in a riot helps a woman who has become a "casualty" in a riot. Showing how dangerous riots, protesting, etc. can get.
Armed for the job. A Police man and a Photographer prepared to fulfill their respective roles. Prepared for the dangerous Riots.
Could the Tear Gas bring tears? Policeman forced to use a Tear Gas bomb to split up crowds.
Is it really back to normal? Various Paris civilians going (or rather, trying to) back to their reagular schedules over the rubble left form student Rioting.
Mourning woman An elder woman weeping at the funeral of a person who was lost in a riot.
Representing the Peace. The pure. Two children playing on a parked tank, showing the only true, pure innocence that is left after a riot or protest, violent or not.
Credits: All media
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